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Guest Blogger; Kano; Magical memories amongst hard days

The 11th May was my last update after we had secured access to Osimertinib (Tagrisso) with the assistance of Professor Ben Solomon from Peter Mac.   On the 14th May, we met Assoc Professor Gary Richardson, who indicated that without a significant response to Tagrisso, Cassy would have ~1 month to live.  Telling our children that prognosis was the hardest thing we have ever done, it shocked and shattered them, they cried uncontrollably. It was just terrible, you actually hurt in your chest. We just held them. Cassy, as always, remained defiant and was so strong.  16th May we did an early birthday celebration for Kiara and went to LEGO Discovery Centre at Chadstone. We had an amazing time, topping out with Kiara getting the ‘Disney’ Castle as her 7th Birthday gift. She was so excited!!! We had Mexican at Fonda... to which Harper created her Parody “lightning and the Fonda” which we’ve been hearing ever since!  We remained hopeful and Cassy commenced the Tagrisso, howev
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Guest Blogger; Kano; Quick Update; Osimertinib (Tagrisso)

Hi All, Just a quick update, I spoke to Prof Ben Solomon yesterday re our options / access to Osimertinib (Tagrisso). He suggested this was an appropriate course of action and that he would investigate whether we could get access for Cassy. He suggested that it may take a little time, however called me back within the hour to confirm the planets had aligned and AstraZeneca had approved access and that the medicine could be dispensed Friday evening. Ben drove to Prahan and personally delivered the Osimertinib last night. Cassy has commenced this treatment as of last night and will take one tablet each day. Thank you so much Ben for helping us and letting us explore this option for our beautiful Cassy.  πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ Keep fighting babe you are amazing, you inspire us all! πŸ¦πŸ‘ πŸ‘ŠπŸΎπŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ˜˜❤️

Guest Blogger; Kano

MakeUp & Meds - Guest Blogger Kano 11th May, 2018 Hi Everyone,  Its been a while since Cassy posted, many of you know she’s had a very tough time since her last blog, 9th April, before my 40th Birthday.  If you are on Facebook or Instagram, you will know that Cassy made sure I had the most memorable 40th birthday ever. It’s something that I will treasure for my entire life, the lengths my beautiful wife went to were extraordinary for someone in good health, let alone for someone with Stage IV Lung Cancer, with extensive metastasis, including leptomeningeal disease. I was blown away by Cassy’s effort and it was just amazing spending time again, with the one I love. I am truly blessed to have shared my life with this incredible woman.  Cassy’s battle has recently focussed on pain management before my 40th birthday and continued post, when she returned to Cabrini, this time Prahan, Palliative Care, commencing Monday 23rd April.  Her meds were changed and the p

A week in hospital....Kanes 40th

Saturday 31 st March After meeting with Gary on Thursday and we spoke about pain relief (as I am experiencing excruciating pain especially each morning) he put me on stronger pain meds and said I would be extra tired and need to take it even easier. I couldn’t imagine taking it even easier as I’m not doing much as it is. Anyway, had my immunotherapy treatment on Thursday I and felt fine just tired as per usual, so came home to bed and slept the whole day and night…woke up to have meds and then went back to sleep. The new routine now has been that I’ve been waking up from pain at 4:30am and Kane has to help me get up. I wake not being able to get out of bed and end up crying. Then I go back to bed and I get up at 7am and have brekky and then take my meds and go back to sleep. It’s been crap….can’t live like that and can’t experience this pain. So on Good Friday woke up ad wasn’t feeling great but didn’t want the girls to miss out on a family tradition. So we went at about


29th March Easter ?????? For those of you that know my family you know I have a large one and celebrations like Easter are a huge. This year is different. Easter….who knows what will happen this year? Today I had immunotherapy. But before that I had a meeting with my oncologist and we spoke about how I have been feeling. The last few days have been tough…….really tough. I’ve experienced severe pain and nausea like I haven’t before. It’s been difficult for the family to see me like this. Yesterday I couldn’t wake. My head was pounding and my face was in a bucket vomiting the whole time. I was experiencing extreme pain and there was nothing the could do about it, was very hard for particularly Kane and Tahlia to watch. So Gary has changed my pain meds. Instead of taking Endone I’m going on something stronger called Ordine (liquid morphine). It should be gentler on my tummy and stronger and help with the pain. I’m also on Fentanyl patches which is a patch that I wear on my b


24th March Another short blog this week. Been a really tough week. My blog is called makeup and meds and it's perfect for this blog, because things may look good on the surface (makeup, meds, smiles, dressing up etc etc) but no one wants to see my head in a bucket vomiting everyday, no one wants to see Kane and I wake up each morning crying from bone pain at 5:30am because I can't move. No one wants to see the 20+ meds I take each day just to get through. Things may seem ok but we're just trying to get through each day as we can. This week I had my cousins wedding (which I was so pleased to attend). Have to say was an absolute highlight for me, but killed me for the week. I was so grateful to be there and see my gorgeous cousin get married. Was so grateful to be able to dress up and put makeup on, was so grateful to dance (we'll hold each other up) with my 88 yr grandfather's brother. Was so glad I got to go and stay the whole night and